Arts Studio: A creative Centre of Art for students at TISA will emphasize on high-level curriculum on developing skills and artistic growth. The arts program will introduce the students to the traditions and practices of Illustrations, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Sculpting.


Creativity Lab: The International School of Agra School has designed the well-equipped creativity lab to develop the creative thinking of each child. Mind enriching activities like Chess is also trained to the students.


Foreign Language: A facility to learn a new foreign language is provided to all students of TISA. A French language other than English can also be taken up at TISA which expands the students’ cultural awareness and widens the post school study options.


Grey Caps Program: TISA has partnered with Greycaps to focus on developing the general knowledge in each student and to create awareness with the current events on a monthly basis with new publications which is aimed at both teachers and students.


KOOH Sports: with the concept of “What’s Your Game”, a scientific and professional sports training and curriculum for students from Nursery to Grade 7 will be provided. The International School Agra in association with KOOH Sports, a trusted Sports Education and Training partner for Strategum, is developing a series of sports programs to generate interest in sports and to identify sporting talent in all our students


Music and Dance Studio: At TISA Music and Dance take high priority as a creative medium of human expressions. Music and Dance are taught by specialist to all students throughout the school. Drama is taught as a timetabled subject.


Puppet Theatre: We at The International School of Agra have puppet theatre where small motivational stories will be displayed with the help of puppets which will imbibe moral values within the children.

School Cinema: Through School Cinema Students at The International School of Agra will learn to build a better relationship with their peer group and also learn to establish a better relationship with Parents and Teachers. Every student will watch 10 movies specially addressing value development at each age group. One movie will also be shown to parents and teachers in each Grade.


Computer Lab

Educational Trip

Indoor Sports Hal


NIIT Guru Classes

Pupil’s Sports program

Science Lab

Smart Classes


Transport Facility