The International School Agra has grown into an educational institute that offers academic excellence as well as overall personality development of the students, making it one of the Best Schools in Agra. Everything here is facilitated by the committed mentors and teachers who channel their experience, knowledge and energy to bring about qualitative learning, which is student-focused.

Along with education, TISA also nurtures the qualities of sports and extracurricular activities among students, aiding in the holistic development of the child. Our aim is to become the top school in Agra by making our students extraordinary in every field, whether its education or sports or cultural activities. Smart classrooms, the best sports academy, arts, music and dance studio are some of our USP’s that help us stand apart.

We ensure complete involvement of parents in every stage of a student’s development. We wish to create an environment for the students where every child progresses as a complete individual with moral values and an understanding of the ways to cope with this ever changing world !

Every school is recognized by how well it prepares and inspires each child along their journey towards success. At TISA, we create a unique environment and space for children to grow holistically, with an atmosphere where each child feels safe, valued and cared for. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and help them achieve academic standards of the highest degree making us one of the top schools in India.

We offer global standards in curriculum, sports and teaching with comprehensive and multi-dimensional academics and cultural exploration. Our purpose is to provide an environment in which every student discovers and realises their full potential. Through our institution we initiate the development of qualities that foster academic, creative, social and emotional skills.

Core Values

What rests at the heart of this institution? What are some values that wish to impart during the everyday, what are some basics that we would never compromise on we would never compromise on:
-Creating a platform for learning with emphasis on Proactive thinking, moulding a generation of creative individuals.
-Nurturing the curiosity, creativity and imagination of every child.
-Providing an enriching learning environment for children and preparing them to meet the challenges of the world that awaits them.
-Providing quality education without prejudice and bias.

Mission & Vision

We envision a world where International School Agra, helps make a difference. A world where when you meet someone, a valued individual, their behaviour makes it obvious that they have a strong sense of community, they show obvious signs of a strong moral compass, a will to be better and an air of empathy.

Our mission is to provide young budding individuals with an environment that fuels their curiosity and evokes in them a feeling to strive for the better everyday. It goes without saying that this definitely means that we lay great emphasis on the holistic development of each child: Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical. Leaning and building on the spirit of Modern Education.

It is with great pride that we say that we have, at TIS Agra, successfully created a student centred learning environment making us one of the Top Schools in Agra. To sum up our vision and mission in a few words we would just say that, Our Mission is to provide an environment where great potential within each individual can be actualised and Our Vision is to make a difference, not just in the lives of individuals but in the community we live in thereafter.