A Closer Look at The International School Agra's Sports Facilities

A Closer Look at The International School Agra's Sports Facilities

Sports are an extremely important part of a student’s life. Everyone should live a healthy and active life, but it is especially stressed upon for the youth, and with good reason. The habits developed today will stay with them for a long time and benefit them for equally long. Playing sports is one of the best ways to ensure that students stay healthy and active instead of living a sedentary lifestyle. With the stress and the pressure of today’s education system, playing sports is a great way to let loose. This is why such sports facilities are a great benefit for them.

 The International School Agra is renowned for its sports academy and the various sports facilities that it provides. So, here is a closer look at them.

Lawn Tennis

This is a sport that may have originated in the late 19th century but managed to quickly gain immense popularity. It started as an amateur sport but managed to establish one of the most prestigious championships in the history of sports, i.e., the Wimbledon Championship. Playing Lawn Tennis is a great way for the students to have overall development. Since it improves their coordination, their time management skills, balance, flexibility, and more.

Along with physical fitness, lawn tennis focuses on improved mental health as well. When the students play doubles, they learn to work as a team and that increases their social interaction. They also get to release their stress through it, so they feel lighter and more energetic. Since a lot of thought goes into playing tennis, they are able to focus on the game and get rid of unnecessary distractions. For all of these reasons, TISA has a lawn tennis court, which provides more sports opportunities to the students and improves their physical as well as mental health.


TISA also has a badminton court where students can learn to play a sport that has been around since ancient times. India itself has been one of the regions where traces of a game very similar to badminton have been found. So it can be safely assumed that even 2000 years ago, people of the Indian region were playing this sport. It is still an extremely popular sport in the country, and people of all ages can enjoy it.

With the proper sports infrastructure for badminton, this casual activity can become professional and allow the school students to build a future as an athlete. Playing badminton for competitive matches can invoke the school spirit in the students. It also allows the school to bring forward the talent in the students for this sport.


This is the sport that has produced many star athletes over the years. It is widely popular and has fans all around the world because of many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that basketball can be played even in the streets if there is a ball and a hoop available. That is why you will find many kids playing it in their neighbourhood. Another reason is that there are many prestigious international competitions where basketball teams can compete. Just like this, there are many other reasons for this sport’s popularity.

By providing a basketball court, TISA is allowing the students passionate about this sport to show their talent. It is a team sport, so it brings students together and teaches them teamwork. When it comes to basketball, everybody gets to shine in their own way, even in a team. They learn to strategise, think and act quickly, act with discipline, and more. They also learn sportsmanship, leadership, effective communication, etc., which moulds them into future athletes.


It is a sport that may have originated in England but is revered in India more than anywhere else. It is almost a part of this country’s culture. Tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, IPL, the Ashes series, and more keep the world immersed in the world of this sport. Cricket has a huge fan base, and some rivalries like India-Pakistan and England-Australia keep things interesting. For these and many other reasons, the world of cricket has a huge pull.

That is why TISA provides its students the opportunity to learn and play cricket competitively. By playing this sport, the students can get plenty of exposure, which will open the doors to national and even International opportunities to compete. With the coaching excellence of TISA’s sports faculty, the students can achieve great heights and bring a sense of pride not just to their parents but to the school as well.


In the age of Messi, Ronaldo, Bhaichung Bhutia, and Sunil Chhetri, football has managed to create a wide fan base spanning the globe. The youth is being drawn towards this sport, and many can be seen playing it for fun in different neighbourhood parks and playgrounds. TISA gives such kids, passionate about football, an opportunity to show their skills and compete against others. The school coaches the students to use their energy and skills in the right way.

With the opportunity to play football in a team, students are able to learn the meaning of teamwork. It improves their social interaction as well, and they grow more confident. All of these things are necessary if one wants to be in the sports field, especially when it comes to team sports. So, with the help of the sports faculty of TISA, the students can learn all that and more.

Sports Academy

TISA’s sports academy is one of the things that sets it apart from the other schools in Agra. The school has created the perfect place for students to learn whatever sport they wish to play. However, it doesn't just teach a sport to a student. It also teaches them how to become an actual sportsman or sportswoman. Aside from the development of physical skills, there are many soft skills that a person can learn from sports, like leadership, teamwork, communication, etc., if they receive the right coaching.

The International School Agra sports academy has an incredible faculty, which includes instructors and coaches with a great deal of experience. They are focused on training students to learn discipline and sportsmanship while also learning how to play the sport of their choice. The Academy also trains the students in athletics and provides them with the best sports infrastructure possible so that they can practise what they have learned in a professional setting.


These are the sports facilities that TISA provides to its students so they can excel in the field of sports and make their parents as well as the school proud. These facilities make TISA one of the best sports schools in the city. For students who love sports and wish to compete on a high level or even make a career out of it, the International School Agra is the perfect place to be.

September 29, 2023