Empowering Students through State-of-the-Art Facilities at TISA

Empowering Students through State-of-the-Art Facilities at The International School Agra

The International School Agra believes in giving its students access to the best resources and facilities available. The school wants its students to engage in activities that help them develop both mentally and physically and are empowered in this manner. For this, they have provided many state-of-the-art facilities on the campus. Here are a few of them.

Smart Classes




Classes in the International School Agra are held in technologically upgraded classrooms. The smart classes, with interactive whiteboards, are excellent teaching aids that help students understand everything thoroughly. Teachers are able to explain every topic in perfect detail, making the sessions interactive and fun along the way.

Creativity Lab

TISA prioritises the development of their students’ minds, so they have built a creativity lab specifically for this purpose. The lab is equipped with all the equipment to boost the creativity of students and help free their minds. In this lab, the students are also taught and encouraged to take part in various types of activities that can enhance their cognitive functions.

Science Labs


tisa science teacher teaching at physics lab


Subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be taught through textbooks but without practical explanations of the concepts, effective learning sessions cannot be conducted. This is why TISA has science labs that are equipped with the latest equipment and technology. So, students can improve their critical thinking and gain practical experience by applying scientific principles in real-world contexts.

Math Lab


math lab


Most people believe that math is a subject that can easily be taught in the classroom but TISA believes that math lab sessions are also an extremely important part of the learning process. There are many complicated mathematical concepts that might not be easy to explain in a simple classroom. For such concepts, math labs are the ideal space, because they have different equipment and visual aids that can help the students understand them.


TISA uses quality models and other visual aids to enhance the learning process for the students as well as allow them to understand the concepts at their own pace. This way, the students are able to find out how math applies to the real world in a fun and interactive manner.

Computer Lab


computer lab


A computer lab is a necessity in every school because computer science is an important subject and is mostly mandatory for lower grades. Even when the subject is optional, the school needs to provide a computer lab to those students who choose it. Without a computer lab, the students cannot possibly understand the subject but it is all about practical application. If a student keeps learning the theory from the textbooks but doesn’t use that knowledge on an actual computer, then it will forever remain incomplete.

This school provides a computer lab that is stocked with the latest models of desktop PCs, with all the upgraded software and a Wi-Fi connection. So, the students will have the best resources at their disposal.

Puppet Theatre

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is the perfect proverb to explain that studies and fun go hand-in-hand. So, if the students don’t take a break from classes to engage in other mentally stimulating activities, it is bound to affect their overall development. This is why the school has a puppet theatre where students can gather and watch motivational stories play out before them through singing and dancing puppets. This is not just a source of entertainment but also motivation.

Music and Dance Studio

music and dance


Co-scholastic activities like dancing and singing are an important part of the day at school. These activities not only help in the development of a student in a wholesome way but also allow them to relax and release stress. The education system creates a lot of pressure on the students these days in order to prepare them for the struggles of the adult world. But this doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to do anything but study. 

Subjects of music, dance and drama have been introduced to the curriculum to prevent the stunting of the students’ mental growth. For this purpose, TISA has built a music and dance studio where students are taught these things by a specialist. They are even trained in acting through drama classes.

School Cinema

Similar to the puppet theatre, the school cinema is a way of teaching the students good values and motivating them. Each student is required to watch 10 movies pre-selected by the school. They are on various subjects which are not only fun but educational as well. In fact, one movie is also required to be watched by parents and teachers. This experience allows students to forge great bonds with each other as well as their parents and teachers.

Open Amphitheatre & Indoor Auditorium


open amphitheatre


The International School of Agra promotes wholesome education for students and that means the promotion of creative arts as well. The students are encouraged to participate in activities that boost their creativity and artistic skills. For such activities, TISA has provided an open amphitheatre and an indoor auditorium on the campus. Both spaces are and can be further equipped with the latest technology to facilitate the activities.



tisa library


TISA’s library is filled with all the latest editions of course books, magazines, newspapers, general knowledge booklets, fiction & nonfiction books, and more. A library is that one place where students can get knowledge along with peace and quiet. They are a safe haven built of books where a student can stay for a while and study without any distractions or disturbances. Keeping this very thing in mind, the school has built a library that enriches the learning process by providing a wide range of resources to the students.

Sports Academy


sports academy


TISA’s sports academy is a subject of pride because it is like no other in Agra. Because of the school’s concern for a comprehensive education for their students, the sports academy has experienced faculty to train the students and high-quality sports equipment for their use. Contrary to the general belief, the academy doesn't just focus on physical education but the education of life skills as well.

Lawn Tennis, Badminton & Basketball Courts

Playing different types of sports can allow for the empowerment and development of students outside of the classroom. This is why TISA has built these sports courts where sports like basketball, badminton and lawn tennis can be played in an environment that is quite similar to professional settings. This is a great way to create an athlete out of just a student passionate about one of these sports.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the state-of-the-art facilities that TISA provides to their students for their empowerment. From various labs to spaces for music and dance, from theatres and cinemas to various sports facilities, the school has got it all. It is only because the International School of Agra prioritises wholesome development above everything

October 10, 2023