How Does Your School's Other Staff Contribute to Making Your Future Bright?

How Does Your School's Other Staff Contribute to Making Your Future Bright?

We all know the precious role that teachers play in a student’s life. They not only educate them but also provide their expertise to pave the way for a student’s bright future. They make sure that students take their first steps in society with proper knowledge and skills.

They are second only to parents in shaping a child’s personality as well as their future. They unleash the hidden potential in a student and let it shine. It is what makes them a precious part of a student’s life at school.

However, we should also acknowledge the others who may not have been directly involved in educating us. They do not stand in a classroom but because education is also gained outside the classroom, they don't have to.

They are present all around the school and the tasks they do as well as the facilities that they provide help the school to achieve its goal of ensuring that a well-rounded education is received by all of its enrolled students.

Here are some of those people from the school staff who, despite not being teachers, have contributed to making your future brighter.

The Admirable Administrative Staff

TISA School staff

You might wonder what role could the administrative staff possibly play in making your future bright. You might think that they have very little to contribute to your education because they sit in their offices and rarely interact with students in a classroom.

Even though they don't directly teach students, their work of successfully managing the school allows the students to have the best education possible.

The Principal, the Vice Principal and other people working in the management of the school are responsible for providing a good and affordable education to their students.

A school is nothing without its students. So, when the management staff has the responsibility of ensuring the growth of the school, they also have the responsibility to make sure that similar levels of growth are reflected in the school’s students.

They make rules and regulations that keep chaos at bay, they come up with solutions to problems at every turn and they are a part of every single aspect of running a school. It is due to their efforts that the students can access quality education and a supportive learning environment.

TISA management is one such department with the type of staff that strives towards making the future of the students brighter.

Skilled Coaches and Trainers

TISA Student playing table tennis in indoor sport club

Schools like TISA which pay special attention to education even beyond the confines of a classroom ensure that they provide their students with a remarkable sports staff.

Coaches and trainers in the sports clubs of schools play an extremely important role in educating students not just about the world of sports, but real life as well. They facilitate the growth and physical, mental, as well as social development of students.

They teach them discipline, teamwork, and better communication. All of these lessons learned in the name of sports apply in many areas of a person’s life. This is how the coaches and trainers in school help in shaping the future of a student.

The Valued Lab Assistants

Students doing practical in TISA bio lab

There are many types of labs in a school like a chemistry lab, biology lab, physics lab, math lab and computer lab.

Ever wonder how these labs stay in perfect condition even after the chaos of so many students using the equipment, performing experiments and more? It's the hard work of the lab assistants that keeps the labs ready for the use of the students.

They also assist teachers and students with the use of any equipment, the conducting of experiments, and more. They make preparations for practicals conducted by the school and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

They may not be directly in the process of teaching but they assist the teacher to their best ability and thus, make a significant contribution towards the good future of a student.

The Wise Librarians

Students reading at TISA library

A library contains an ocean of knowledge that is inaccessible without the help of a librarian. Chaos erupts when they are not there to take care of the books. Their duties may seem simple, however, once you understand their work, you will come to realize how complicated the “simple work” can be.

In an English medium school, going to the library is often encouraged because of the knowledge that can be gained if the students just sit down and read in a quiet environment. Librarians help with that in addition to other things.

The school librarian not only helps students but also provides the teachers with teaching material. This way, their hard work and effort become part of a student’s lesson plan.

Librarians also help students issue study materials for home so that they get the opportunity to use these resources and study even beyond the school premises.

Incredible Support Staff

Without the hard work of the support staff, the activities in a school would come to a halt. People like the maintenance staff, cleaners, and more keep the school running smoothly.

They prepare the temple of learning each day so that students encounter little to no problems. Their hard work becomes evident at the start of each school day.

They help maintain the sanctity of the temple of learning and If they don't perform the task they do, the school’s operations as well as the learning environment would suffer. This would hurt the overall educational experience of a student.

They may not interact with the students but their presence makes itself known to them. This is the way the tisa staff of the maintenance department helps in making your future brighter.

The Empathetic Guidance Counsellors

TISA counsolar standing behind her desk

Many schools have guidance counsellors on their staff to help the students find the right direction to move to secure a good career. They are patient and empathetic as well as highly approachable.

Students are easily able to discuss their problems, fears, inhibitions, and more due to their ability to understand and give the best advice possible. They keep the interest of the students at heart and work towards guiding the students toward a brighter future.

The Bottom Line

Some of the people on a school staff, other than teachers, contribute towards a student’s brighter future. You can easily see their hard work reflected when you look at any Best Results School in Agra.

You will find that when a student scores good marks, it's not just because of the lessons they learned in class but outside of it as well. Many of these lessons are taught by the other people of the school staff in one or the other way. This is what makes them a valuable part of a student’s life just as much as the school

May 23, 2024