Impact of COVID On Youth

Impact of COVID On Youth

The pandemic has left a profound impact on the lives of people worldwide. While the losses due to Covid-19 are severe, there were also other consequences. One such loss is regarding the Youth and how it impaired or inspired them during the years of lockdown. However, there were also some positive developments for the youth. 

Let’s have a brief overview of both sides and the overall impact of covid on the youth: 

1. The Decline in Social Aptitude

Let’s start with the obvious one. The lack of social aptitude and the growth in social anxiety has been a by-product of the pandemic. Humans are social creatures by nature, and while there are introverted individuals, their numbers have grown significantly during the pandemic, and there are a couple of reasons behind it:

  • The lack of outgoing activities.
  • Locked in the home in the comfort of the room.
  • Seclusion from social gatherings and events 
  • Inability to meet other fellow humans and association

These things have led to the development of social anxieties. The youth on the verge of personality development has faced a severe backlash. 

2. Lack of Mental Growth

This point correlates to the first one. The decline in social interactions has also led to a lack of mental growth and other related skill sets. For instance, street smarts, communication skills, and dealing with people took a hit.

More importantly, students of high school that were in 9th or 10th standard had the same approach, mental capacity, and thought process even after graduating from 11th and 12th. That is due to the lack of exposure.

High school is a critical stage of a student’s mental development. It is pivotal for them to face various challenges, be socially active, grow some friendships, or end others. It is equally essential for them to attend multiple aspects of life during this phase that prepares them for college life.

3. The Quality of Education

If there’s one thing we’ve seen is the relaxed method for students to qualify during the testing times. While it was a great initiative, this has led professionals, higher education institutions, and organizations to reconsider the admission or recruitment of the people who graduated during Covid-19. 

The sheer fact that the credibility degraded is not the fault of the youth, and the students, but the education system and the failure to incorporate apt measures and utilize the latest technology.  

There have been instances where the resume of the students that passed during the pandemic wasn’t even considered for admission/recruitment. 

4. An Opportunity to Explore

On the positive side, Covid-19’s lockdown regulations brought a lot of free time for the youth to explore. Those who were sincere ended up enrolling in various courses (certifications, diplomas, etc.) to enhance their skills or become productive. 

This has also increased the level of competition for the people of the Pandemic (The generation that suffered from Covid-19). It clearly distinguished between the disciplined, dedicated, and sincere youth from the indisciplined, insincere, and procrastinating ones. 

The qualifications helped them explore new possibilities and prospects regarding education, career path, and more. 

5. Adaptability and Flexibility

Another great asset the youth learned, in general, was adapting to a situation. The viral outbreak and lockdowns that lasted for years, including death and suffering, weren’t easy in a youth’s life. However, those who adapted from it and survived turned into more flexible individuals.

This is the kind of youth that is ready to tackle any situation. They can choose to study from home, work from home, or attend an offline outlet. This level of adaptability has helped many find new ground. 

The Bottom Line 

There are some good and some bad during the covid for a youth’s growth and development. Honestly, educational institutes play a massive role in these aspects. A dedicated institute focused on quality would have provided all the suitable means, guidelines, and insights to the students and the youth to thrive during the testing times without bombarding them with too much work and assignments.

Either way, one thing is for sure, today’s youth, the one post-pandemic, is a resilient one willing to stand the test of time. It could lead to both positive and negative results in the future, which is worth watching. So, it all comes down to their nurturing and education at this critical point. 

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September 13, 2022