Importance Of Affordable Education

Importance Of Affordable Education In India

Cost and budget have always been the determining factors in India. Whether it is buying a vehicle, gadget, or enrolling in an educational institute, it all comes down to affordability.

Now, the NEP 2022 doesn’t necessarily elaborate on affordability. It could become a gateway for institutes to offer better packages and fee structures to the parents. We could be looking at a better and more affordable education system.

With that in mind, let’s explore the importance of affordable education in India, especially after the pandemic:

Affordable Education Leads To Better Mental Capacities 

Let’s start by exploring the benefits of education in general. 

Education enhances logic, reasoning, creativity, free-thinking, and analytical skills, among many other things. 

Some people would argue that education doesn’t prepare them to pay taxes and other essentials, but that’s not true. There’s a commerce side in education, which prepares them to do so. 

Even a Science student could learn to do their taxes and manage money with their adaptive thinking by spending a couple of hours or days learning. It all comes down to learning, and education is about enhancing a student's mental aptitude.

Affordable Education Ensures Better Facilities 

Let’s try to keep things simple. Middle-class parents try their best to get the education their children deserve. Most of their income goes into providing the best facilities, especially for school, for their child. Yet, it might not be enough.

The difference increases when their kid finally applies for college. There are countless options with ranging fee structures. You could pursue Engineer starting around Rs. Fifty thousand per anum, or as high as Rs. 5 Lakh per anum. This creates a clear distinction between the facilities. 

There’s a misconception that higher fees and education cost means better education. An affordable institute with top-grade education could offer phenomenal results and excellence. Getting affordable education doesn’t mean compromising with facilities or quality but opting for something that gives you value for money. 

An affordable institution will ensure that your bundle of joy receives all the essential facilities, holistic education, and qualifications required of a person of their age and capacities. 

Affordable Education Could Solve Poverty 

Let’s start by looking at the low-class family’s status. The leading cause for them to be incapable of emerging from poverty isn’t the money but the lack of education. Education prepares an individual to tackle various problems and have a comprehensive mindset.

If they could afford higher-grade or better quality education, they would have more qualified people in their families. As a result, they could lead a better lifestyle. But that’s not the only aspect to consider.

Now, if this kind of education is affordable for the family, they could spare some money to help their kids learn. It will be feasible for them and help them have peace of mind.

Affordable Education Increases The Qualification Chances

Most people drop out of high school to support their families or if their family can’t afford the education. Similarly, some people are discouraged from pursuing their dream degree or education because of the expenses. Many would opt for a shorter and more feasible course that offers them basic knowledge (Diploma and Certification) than the full-fledged course (Degree) because of the affordability.

However, if education could be affordable, it could help a person stick to their path. It will reduce the drop-out rates and increase the number of qualified individuals. In today’s world, at least the 12th Standard Qualification is ideal to have standing. 

Correlatively, completing any education could also ensure that the person would opt for higher education. 

Education Helps You Achieve Your Dreams 

Whether it is the parents or the younglings, everyone has a dream. Every parent wants their child to have the best education possible to be socially apt. They also seek better jobs and prospects in the future. A child could also have a dream to become something as they grow, and the question of money and affordability shouldn’t hinder their dreams.

Affordable education, foremost, helps empower people and their dreams to ensure that they get closer to their goals.


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September 28, 2022