Recap Of Events at TISA in the year 2023

Life At TISA: Recap Of Events at TISA in the year 2023

Time flies! We just started with our new year resolutions in January and look, here we are at it again! Improvised, and better focused than last year. 2023 was an absolute winner! We did a lot, won a lot and of course, learned a lot! This is what life is all meant to be! 

Here at TISA, we are humble when we win, we embrace and learn when we lose. What’s always constant is staying optimistic and improvising ourselves everyday. Here is a series of events where TISA made its presence and brought more meaning to it. 

Grade XII Farewell - January

Our last year students bid adieu with a grand farewell hosted by The International School Agra. The event witnessed facilitations, dance and music performances followed by best wishes from School teachers and management. 

Kids Premier League - February

The school became more vibrant and playful when our kindergarten students participated in Kids Premier League. Fellow schools were cordially invited in a range of sports activities, games and events at Kids Premier League. 

Kindergarten Graduation Day - March

Children Playing in the Kindergarten

A little achievement is also an achievement! The International School Agra, organised a full of life Kindergarten Graduation Day for our KG students. It was a memorable day as our little ones celebrated one of their first and foremost achievements and milestones. 

Police Ki Pathshala - April

Cyber safety is one of the most concerning things in our everyday lives. The school organised a ‘Police Ki Pathshala’ an event focused on Cyber Crime Prevention and Financial Frauds Prevention. The event was in association with Amar Ujala. It was a very interactive event where the students along with parents learned about preventive measures in Cyber Crime Prevention. 

Summer Camp - May


Summer Camp at The International School Agra is one of the coveted events of the school. The students are always excited to be a part of the Summer Camp and participate in a range of activities the school conducts for them. Summer Camp 2023 was an extraordinary one which had more fun and learning activities for the students. 

Investiture Ceremony - June

On the Investiture Ceremony of the school, the school vested different roles to students and conferred them responsibilities based on their past performances, analytical and technical capabilities. It feels pride to see young minds take leadership positions and leave no stone unturned to prove their capabilities. 

Safer streets for everyone - Roadside Romeo - July

Safe streets for everyone is still a desire for mass Indians. In order to spread awareness and preventive steps from ‘Roadside Romeos’, the Uttar Pradesh police conducted a special session on combating Roadside Romeos. It was an eye-opening and informative session for everyone. 

Guests from Spain visited TISA - August

Guest From Spain

Spain se aaya mera dost! The International School Agra hosted guests from Spain who visited India. It was exciting to see and host them. The Spanish guests were intriguing and had an exciting time here in school. It was also a moment for us too to present our best hospitality to them. 

Badminton Championship Winners - August

We love accolades and on this day, our student won the prestigious Shravan Kumar Sharma Memorial Badminton Ranking Championship in the U-17 category. It was a memorable day for Palak as well as for us.

Grandparents Day - September

Grandparents are like treasures of our generation. They want to see us grow and prosper. Their wisdom, thoughts and life lessons are precious and shall be followed for all the right reasons. We wanted to create an opportunity for the grandparents to see their grandchildren learning and engaging in their school. Hence, we conducted a special day for the grandparents to come to school. It was touching to see the student's grandparents engaging in our event.

Shramdaan at Gandhi Jayanti - October

Student Contribute in Shramdaan

On the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the staff of TISA became part of PM’s ‘Shramdaan’, an act where you clean the surroundings of where you live and work. The purpose was to raise awareness of keeping your surroundings clean. 

Winning NPSA Sports Event - November

The NPSA Sports Event was like none other! Performance, Fast sprints, race, you name it! It was a spectacular show and we made it by winning several awards. 

5th Annual Day - December

The 5th Annual Day of The International School Agra was an absolute blast! Rocking performances, skits, dance, songs and a lot more! It was one of the best events organised by The International School Agra.


2023 went rocking for us and we look forward to welcoming 2024 with great zeal! It was joyous to welcome our new friends into the TISA Family and we thank you all for your support. 


December 26, 2023