TISA (2024 - 25) complete admission procedure & guidelines

TISA (2024 - 25) complete admission procedure & guidelines

Choosing the right school for your child is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for their academic journey. If you are considering The International School of Agra (TISA) for your child's education, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the admission procedure while highlighting important aspects such as compliance with CBSE guidelines, the affordable fee structure at The International School of Agra, and the unique offerings of TISA as a leading educational institution in Agra.

About  TISA:

The International School of Agra (TISA) is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. TISA follows the CBSE guidelines, ensuring a standardized and comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for their future success.

Admission Procedure at TISA:

1. Initial Inquiry:

To begin the admission process, parents can visit the official website of The International School of Agra or contact the admissions office to gather detailed information about TISA's curriculum, facilities, and admission requirements.(add link to website)

2. Application Submission:

Parents need to complete the application form available on the school's website or obtain it directly from the admissions office. The application form collects essential details about the student and their family.

3. Interaction and Assessment:

TISA may conduct an interaction or assessment session with the student to understand their abilities, interests, and learning needs. This step also provides an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions and gain insights into TISA's educational approach.

4. Document Submission:

After the interaction or assessment, parents are required to submit necessary documents, including the student's birth certificate, passport-size photographs of the student and parents/guardians, address proof, transfer certificate (if applicable), and academic records from the previous school.

5. Fee Structure and Affordability:

The International School of Agra (TISA) prides itself on offering an affordable fee structure, enabling access to quality education. Parents can refer to the school's official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information about the fee structure, including tuition fees, additional charges (if any), and payment schedules.

6. Admission Confirmation:

Once the application and documents are reviewed, TISA will notify parents about the admission status. Successful applicants will receive further instructions on accepting the offer and completing the admission formalities.

What makes admission to The International School of Agra (TISA) easy and convenient 

Admission to The International School of Agra (TISA) is easy and convenient compared to other schools due to:

  • Transparent process and accessible information
  • User-friendly online application system
  • Supportive admissions team
  • Personalized interaction and assessment sessions
  • Clear and transparent fee structure
  • Efficient documentation process

TISA prioritizes simplicity and convenience throughout the admission journey, making it stand out among other schools.


Choosing The International School of Agra (TISA) for your child's education ensures a holistic learning experience and adherence to CBSE guidelines. By following the step-by-step admission process outlined above, parents can navigate the procedure smoothly. With an affordable fee structure, TISA provides quality education, fostering academic growth and overall development.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the admission process, CBSE guidelines, and the fee structure at The International School of Agra (TISA), it is recommended to contact the admissions office directly. TISA's commitment to excellence and affordability makes it a top choice for parents seeking a nurturing educational environment for their children

July 04, 2023