Principal Duties and Responsibilities

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice Principal?

The Vice Principal is a fundamental part of schools. They help the supervisor by offering help when required. In certain schools, vice-administrators might be allocated more managerial and authoritative responsibilities, while the head principal takes on forward-looking administration obligations himself. 

This blog lists the important functions that the vice principal of a school performs in the school's daily administration. As will be evident by the end of this blog, one of the best schools in Agra, which is TISA, will always have the position of vice-principal to ensure a smooth flow.

Programming liabilities  

The vice principal's set of working responsibilities commonly incorporates being liable for setting the school's timetable every year to assist with deciding class size. They put together instructors' timetables and decide which classes will be doled out. In quality schools, they relegate administrative obligations to educators in the schoolyard, in the cafeteria, or in the lobbies. In secondary schools, they set test plans for understudies and dole out educators to screen tests. They coordinate transport plans when required and are responsible for stopping arrangements for staff and understudies, as well as moves or parent moves. 

Conferences and Boards

Vice-Principals go to conferences at the school and regional levels. They assist with setting the plan for month-to-monthly staff gatherings; arranging educators' contact with adjoining schools; and going to territorial gatherings. They meet consistently with helpful staff, for example, school therapists who work with a custom curriculum understudies. 


Liability helps in the enrollment and determination process for school staff, as per requirement. Vice-principals assist with settling conflicts between educators while consistently checking and assessing educator performance.  

Make friends with understudies and guardians

Every day is devoted to student discipline. They also keep everything under control in the watch rooms, cafeteria, schoolyard, and study halls.

Documentation maintenance 

Keep them up to date with documentation on understudy discipline and progress. They frequently read and sign each report card that is sent home to ensure it meets the provisions of the school area. They compose letters of suggestion for students and staff and assist students with applying for awards and grants that might be accessible to the individuals who qualify.

Acting in place of the head-principal 

From having a lot on the board to taking sick leave, the head principal is entitled to his fair share of absences. In such cases, the assistant principal fulfills the role of representing the school on behalf of the head principal. For the time being, the vice principal also acts as interim director of the organization. The head principal profile can not see the gap at any time. This is where the director and his deputy can exchange accounts.


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Given these critical roles that the Vice-Principal may carry, TISA, which is one of the top CBSE schools in Agra, has a very supportive and trustworthy head staff. The Principal and Vice-Principal of TISA work as a team to ensure a supportive academic environment for all students, teachers, and parents. Such a diverse administrative system has its benefits. When leadership responsibilities are shared among capable people, that institution is bound to move forward in great strides.



October 10, 2022