TISA the Best School in Agra

Why is TISA the Best School in Agra?

A child’s quality education is paramount to the parent. But, choosing the best school for a child can be overwhelming at times.  We agree that there are several areas that are to be taken care of before making an admission to a school. 

TISA is not just a school, it is a sacred place of holistic learning where education imparts and passion thrives. Every child is special and at The International School Agra, we nurture every child keeping their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests in mind. 

In this dynamic world, mere academic intelligence cannot be the ideal education for the new generation. Other personality developments and soft skills are essential to incorporate into the modern real world. 

Why is TISA the best school in Agra?

The International School Agra is a preferred choice for many parents who visits our school. Some of the key takeaways of TISA are, that we envision a world where empathy, strong moral values, and community building becomes a part of our education system. Hence, we consistently work on these aspects through our diversified learning modules, quality academics, extra-curricular activities, and team-building exercises. 

Awards and accolades

Awards and accolades are a reflection of a school’s efforts in their student's upbringing.  

TISA pride itself as one of the best CBSE schools in Agra that have proved its mettle in several Olympiads, contests, inter-school programs, national programs, and events. We treasure our faculty and training staff who leaves no stone unturned in teaching & training our students with the best of our resources. 

Effective teaching faculty

We are committed to the overall growth of a child. Be it emotional or intellectual. For the same, we have a pool of teachers who are passionate about fostering quality education in young minds. Our teachers are well qualified, experienced, and committed to creating a surrounding that encourages a child to put in more while being friendly, humble, and intellectual with peers and friends. 

English medium

We cannot emphasize much that English has become an integral part of our daily lives. Be it in the digital media or while we communicate with some non-local person, English has become a must-know language for us Indians. Hence, at The International School Agra, we encourage students to learn English not just as a subject but as a life skill. We conduct everyday English newspaper reading activities along with several other spoken & written English contests. Such activities have made TISA a preferred choice of parents and have made us one of the best English medium schools in Agra. 

Sports and Fun activities

We have a strong belief that sports and extracurricular activities are imperative to the holistic development of a child. We have got a state-of-the-art infrastructure for sports and extracurricular activities. It is to be noted that it took a pandemic to make us all realize that mental health cannot be ignored in modern reality. Childhood is such a tender age and we ensure that no student is overburdened with the curriculum. Also, we make sure that children are having plenty of fun time enjoying and participating in extra-curricular activities. 

Safe and secure surroundings

The safety of every student remains paramount to us both on the inside and the outside. Every premise of the school is installed with CCTV coverage that runs around the clock. Moreover, we take care of the internal staff and ensure that no one (including students) brings explicit material to school. We have a sufficient number of trained helpers who accompany students when they are boarding and off the bus. 


A child’s education is one of the important areas of decision-making for a parent. If done well, the child will bring fortune and prosperity to everyone's life. Hence, the decision to choose the best school nearby is of prime importance. If you are a resident of Agra or nearby towns, TISA is certainly the best CBSE school in Agra where you can count on 100%. Spare some time and make a visit to explore and experience everything that is mentioned above. 

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September 13, 2022