Academic and Educational Philosophy Of Indian School

Why TISA: Academic and Educational Philosophy Of Indian School

Every school in India, though vastly different from the Gurukuls of ancient times, possesses the essence of the Indian Educational Philosophy. This is what connects them to the country's heritage.

However, there are certain things that make The International School Agra stand out from other schools that follow the same philosophy. Here are some examples.


Value-Based Learning

TISA follows the Indian educational philosophy of imparting knowledge while teaching various moral values and principles to the student. A child who grows up learning morality and ethics will always find success and do better in life than the one who is deprived of such education.

The school believes in giving this value-based education to its students through various means. Academics and sports can both be excellent sources of such an education. In both areas, there is a lot that can be learned regarding morality and ethics.


This is not all because TISA uses numerous types of activities to promote value-based learning at school. The School Cinema and Puppet Theatre are used to instil moral values in the students.

Such knowledge is best learned from stories, and the school keeps that in mind. This is why they come up with motivational stories for the puppet theatre to not only entertain the children but educate them as well. The same is the case with the school cinema, where 10 movies are scheduled for students to watch for their value development.

All Round Development

The school has its own philosophy of ensuring the all-round development of each student enrolled in the establishment. The holistic approach to teaching is because a student needs to develop their overall personality in order to prepare for the outside world.

Developing just one or two, like the physical and intellectual aspects, will not help the school in providing the world with diverse yet balanced individuals. Chasing success without a fully developed personality is a feat hard to accomplish. A well-rounded individual, however, can climb the ladder to the top quite easily.


This is why the approach of a school towards their students' development is an important factor to consider. Parents want the best for their children, so it is natural that they will search for the best school in Agra. TISA’s philosophy is a prime example of what you should look for when considering the right school for your child. The most important thing is the balanced development of a student so that they grow not just physically or intellectually but socially and emotionally as well.

Ample Opportunities

Every opportunity given to a student to perform to their best ability is an opportunity for them to grow and learn. TISA provides all of its students with ample opportunities to shine in their own way. These opportunities range from academic competitions and extracurricular activities to sports events of various kinds. The school ensures that its students learn life lessons through these opportunities so that they can improve themselves in every aspect of their lives.

Proper Exposure to Indian Heritage

The Indian educational philosophy establishes a strong connection between the student and the Indian heritage. This connection is created and maintained by exposing the student to the history and culture of the country. This exposure has been a constant feature of Indian education since ancient times, no matter how modern the education system got.

TISA makes sure that its students never lose touch with the core Indian philosophy by teaching them about Indian history. It also allows the students to experience the country’s culture through various activities like cultural fests, storytime at the puppet theatre, movies in the school cinema, and more.

Balanced Education

If you are searching for the best school in India for your child, the first thing you must see is the balance, or lack thereof, in the education provided by the institution. A school should not just be focused on providing the best possible academic education. Emphasis on co-curricular and extracurricular activities is equally important. The real learning happens when the students gain knowledge both inside and outside of the four walls of a classroom. This is why TISA aims to maintain equal access to academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the students.

Latest Educational Techniques

Educational techniques refer to the way students are educated and prepared for the modern world. They must be the latest in order to properly guide students for their future. Earlier, students were encouraged to use the rote learning method or cram before exams. However, now the focus of teaching has shifted to making sure the students understand the concepts more than anything else. The concept, instead of the exact content, has become important.


Another change is in the fact that students are now prepared with more comprehensive assessment techniques instead of just regular examinations. TISA keeps up with both the changing times and educational techniques.

Top-of-the-Line Infrastructure

The school's infrastructure is one of the first ways to display the school’s commitment towards giving its students the best possible education. If the facilities and infrastructure are state-of-the-art, students get to have a modern education. They also get other learning opportunities that come with such infrastructure.


Smart classes, computer labs, creativity labs, and more allow students to have access to the kind of knowledge that wouldn't be available without such infrastructure. TISA has it all and more, as its target is to provide its students with top-quality education

Character Building

The right kind of education builds the character of a student by allowing them to learn important lessons on discipline, respect for others, honesty, better communication and more. A well-educated person is a person who possesses a great character because education is not just gained through books. TISA realises the importance of character building and makes it possible for students to get opportunities to learn such lessons and evolve over time.

The Bottom Lines

If you are wondering why choose TISA for your child, then these points should help you make that decision. There is quite a difference between a good school and the best school, and these points are that difference. So, keep them in mind when making the decision for your child’s education.

January 09, 2024