Often in our intense desire to secure the future of our children, we set unrealistic expectations, impinging on the child's right to pursue their interest beyond books. Conversely, co-curricular activities are equally, if not more, crucial to cognitive development. Research shows that children who are actively involved in physical and creative activities do well academically too.

At The International School Agra , we lay emphasis on designing a learning environment that provides for a smooth transition from the protective care of parents in the confines of their homes to the challenges of life in the global world. It is this belief system that prompts us to think that we are one of the best CBSE Schools in Agra.

Therefore, as nurturing adults, we respect the child's space and encourage the parents’ too, to give them the freedom to follow their heart. That is how we help them grow and blossom and enable them to make a meaningful contribution to the society that we cohabitate in.