The Statement & School Philosophy

In the nature v/s nurture debate, you will find us, at The International School Agra, definitely leaning towards Nurture. We believe that it is our innate responsibility to provide children with an environment that they feel comfortable in, a space that motivates them to accomplish their best, a space where they can explore ways to be better, a space that ends up feeling like a second home.

And hence, our motto in a few simple words: Sowing Seeds of Success. It’s not just something philosophical but rather practical for TISA. This is how we see it, when we began our journey in 2014 year, to become of the Best CBSE Schools in Agra, the first question we asked ourselves was this: What does a child need to grow, what is the fundamental requirement for them to be the best version of themselves ? And we found our answer.

It is a global standard curriculum, it is a diverse learning environment, it is providing the best sports facilities as well as co-curricular activities, it is giving them a controlled competitive environment while providing them choices at each touchpoint that help them take charge of their life. We take pride in our students, in all that they set-out to accomplish, they inspire us as much as we try to inspire them.