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What Are the Different Career Options After the 12th Class & How to Choose the Right Career?

Passing class 12 is a crucial step in a student's life. But what are the career options for 12th-grade students? Students can pick from a wide range of professional diplomas and degree programs to pursue the vocation of their dreams in addition to science, the arts, and business courses.

All that is needed is for them to choose wisely based on their favorite subjects, areas of enthusiasm, and ambitions in addition to gathering accurate information about the various courses.

Here is a comprehensive list of the finest career alternatives available after the Grade 12th, together with details on the courses that provide excellent employment prospects, high wages, and a promising future.

Career choices for PCM students

There are numerous employment choices for those that chose PCM as their class 12 major. They can choose from any of these possibilities based on their preferences and qualifications. After 12th-grade science PCM, career assistance is required to make the proper career choice and avoid uncertainty. 

Career alternatives for PCM students:


A popular option for PCM students is the bachelor of technology program. You can choose to become an engineer in a variety of sectors after completing the B.Tech program, including computer software engineering, automotive engineering, electronics and communication engineering, civil engineering, and many more. The vast majority of scientific students in India choose this. 


BCA is one of the most popular courses right now because there are so many career chances in it. You can study computer science in a 3-year program called the Bachelor of Computer Application. This is turning into a booming employment option because of technological improvements in every industry. So, enrolling in this course will be your best option if you want to start a career in the data and digital world.

Bachelor of Architecture 

The B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture degree is another well-liked course that students choose after finishing grade 12 science. Due to the abundance of chances that digitization has brought to these disciplines, it is now less well-known than and BCA. The five-year B.Arch degree program imparts expertise in building design and construction.

Career alternatives for PCB students:

There are a number of possibilities for students who are majoring in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Here are some of them that are covered: 

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

Of course, as we all know, the most popular field chosen by students with PCB is medicine. Students who want to become doctors or surgeons must complete a demanding five-and-a-half-year program called the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It offers a wide range of specializations from which one can select lucrative chances. 

BDS (Bachelor of dental surgery)

It appears that medical students also study dental surgery, or BDS, bachelor of dental surgery. The program that enables you to become a dentist is this one. Students who want to be doctors but don't want to be under too much pressure to be surgeons might consider this course. One can become a dental surgeon and have a very good career after completing this training.

As a licensed physician, you will have the choice of opening your practice or working at a hospital. Depending on your interests and career ambitions.

B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

A bachelor's degree in pharmacy is an additional attractive job choice for biology science majors. In essence, it is a four-year program that qualifies you to practice as a chemist after completion. Medical companies favor B.Pharm graduates for positions as medical reps (MR). They receive a respectable salary package in addition to several additional benefits.

BSc in Nursing 

B.Sc Students interested in entering the medical industry to care for patients should take a nursing course. The student learns all the skills necessary to care for patients with various conditions during the four years. You must pass entrance exams held by various states and their affiliated colleges to enroll in this degree. However, you should only access this profile if you are interested.


After finishing class 12 in science, students can readily enroll in a variety of paramedical courses. These are typically specialized courses that are connected to a specific field. Paramedical specialists are in demand today on a level with physicians. ECG technology, lab technicians, anesthesia, etc., are a few of the often used vocations in this area. You must complete at least four years of full-time study and practice before beginning your career in this sector.


One field that offers a lot of opportunities for personal development and advancement is biotechnology. After completing this course, it won't be difficult to obtain employment in this rapidly expanding industry. A biotech specialist can look for work in a number of industries, including agriculture, the textile and apparel industry, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical firms, the healthcare sector, the food and pharmaceuticals industry, clinical research, genetic research, etc. Graduates in biotechnology have prospects in both the public and private sectors.

Career alternatives for Commerce students:

Students choose one of the three common streams—science, commerce, or the arts—after completing grade 10. Many students today have a preference for the commerce stream due to economic expansion and success in the finance sector. Students often study Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, and Accounts in class 12. These topics provide the bulk of career opportunities. (Bachelor of Commerce)

The most popular graduation course chosen by students who have completed class 12 in commerce is the bachelor of commerce. The program lasts three years, much like any other bachelor's degree program. Numerous courses, including accounting, business statistics, business organization, and economics, are covered during this time. Even though colleges and universities may use different course materials. 

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

A Bachelor of Business Administration is the best choice for those who are more interested in entering the management industry than in expanding their understanding of academic subjects. If you intend to pursue a master's in Business Administration in the future, career counselors also advise you to take this course. In reality, the range of work prospects is increased by possessing both an MBA and a BBA. After the age of twelve, you can learn how to advance in the management industry with the right professional coaching. You can learn about the dynamics of management and business administration with a BBA education.


While some universities and institutions recognize class 12 grades for admission, others need you to pass entrance examinations to pursue a BBA.

CA (Chartered Accountant)

Many students choose the commerce major and continue their studies in accounting to become chartered or cost accountants. Students must complete a foundational course in either cost accounting or charter accounting after graduating from class twelve. They might follow the advanced courses after completing the fundamental course.

CS (Company Secretary)

The financial and investment facets of taxation are of interest to many students of commerce. The corporate secretary course is suitable for these students. They can learn about numerous corporate affairs and all other connected topics through this course. You must complete the ICSI, New Delhi-approved company secretaryship course. Get career advice from reputable career specialists after 12 if you want to discuss this course with the experts and learn about job possibilities in it.

These are 4 of the many career paths available to students in the commerce stream. After class 12, a student in commerce has a lot more alternatives than that. 

Career alternatives for Humanities students:

Numerous students choose the Humanities stream in addition to the Science and Business streams. In actuality, more kids enroll in the arts stream for class 12 than any other stream. There are many different career paths you might choose in the arts field.

The fact that students can choose from a variety of subject combinations is the nicest feature of this stream. Therefore, a student must select the appropriate course combinations if they want to pursue a bachelor's degree in the arts. 

Excellent arts departments may be found at several colleges throughout India. Therefore, you must first decide on your job goals before choosing colleges. Typically, art students like choosing a BA or BA (Hons). But during the past few years, a lot of students have developed a preference for BFA, BJMC, BLib, and BSW. 

Let's look at some of the programmes that are frequently chosen 

BA or BA (Hons)

Interestingly enough, the most popular course for students who receive an A in their 12th-grade arts exam has been the bachelor of arts for a very long time. Students have two options for getting into their desired subject: direct admission or passing college entrance tests. 


These days, students from all streams, not only those in the arts, are drawn to the bachelor's degree programme in journalism and mass communication. The breadth of this profession is expanding along with media and communication. After their 12th grade year, students who desire to work in the media must choose this three-year degree programme.

 Law or Civil services

Students interested in law and government roles should take a degree in Law or civil services. Students can pursue a profession in the law (advocacy) with the help of this course after they complete grade 12. This course might serve as a stepping stone even for students looking to enter careers like Judge,IPS etc. However, you must be aware of the cut-off marking method.

The majority of students choose one of these three courses. Students can choose from among the many alternative courses in this subject and succeed in their jobs, nevertheless.

But before choosing a career path, let's first understand how to choose the right career after 12.

How do I pick the best professional path following my 12th-grade year?

The huge obstacle for students after graduating from class 12 in science, business, or the arts is choosing the appropriate career. Regardless of their stream, all students must follow a plan of action to determine the best option for them and have a successful career in the future.

Seeking career advice from a reputable specialist after age 12 will be the first step. The following steps will be recommended to you by the professionals:

Explore your hobbies

There are certain subjects that you will be fascinated by now that your 12th grade is completed. Regardless of your field, do some research and identify the material you want to memorize.

Comprehend the subject

The professional specialists will assist you in choosing the course you can take based on the subject you chose. Understanding the specifics of the course and the application procedure is crucial.

Understanding potential outcomes

The future possibilities of a course and college are one of the key deciding elements. This is especially important if you decide to enroll in courses different from the standard ones. You should choose a degree that suits your interests, but if it doesn't offer excellent work chances, it is useless.

Think about the monetary value

Even if you want to go to school, your financial situation might not always allow you to. Some students might have a solid financial foundation, which would make it simple for them to enroll in the course of their choice. Although many students lack that kind of a stable financial foundation. There are other courses available for these pupils. You receive all the financial information from a career counselor. They also advise you on courses with excellent job prospects and low financial requirements.


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With a variety of professional degree and diploma programs available after high school, students can take their time deciding which programs will best suit their interests and professional aspirations.

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